In case you wish to do it yourself?


Effective and affordable DYI promotional services

Promotion for music can be found all over the web, yet be aware that not everybody has the right motives to help you. As not every artist can afford, or is willing to ask for help from a professional artist management and marketing company, we are more than happy to guide in the right direction.

As we get a lot of questions from indie artiest, we will share some effective and affordable services for you to make use of.  Just click on the links and you will be redirected to the recommended services. 

A  quick word of advice as well. Although some of these services may be  cheap, don't be afraid to spend more to get better results.

Believe it or not, there is no free way for promoting your music. 

In order to use the following services you will need a  you'll need a  Fiverr account for many of these services. Click the button on the left to join. (It's free to sign up, and most services on the site are just $5)

Probably the best promotion on Facebook

Musiccrowns has a Facebook page  and takes free submissions, but reality is that FREE does not buy you a lot... The free  submissions aren't going to get any features at all. 

They do have  a  guaranteed promotion that starts at just $10!

With some of their packages, they post it on their Facebook page (Over 2,201,757 fans)

Their most popular post once reached as many as 100's of MILLIONS of people (not an exaggeration).

Click here to get it!

Get Reviews!

These guys  seem to really take their time and listen to the artists when they give  a review. Their services start at just $5 too!

They  place the review on their site, and you can get gig extras for them to  tweet it out to their Facebook or Twitter page for very little cost.

Click here to make use of IndieGuru Services

Twitter & Radio Play

Jamsphere  has a solid Twitter following at over 200K, and they post a review of  your submitted songs to their site (as well as 7 other social sites).

You can even get the gig extras to get press in more magazines and blogs for a minimal extra cost. (Well worth it)

Click here for huge Twitter Blasts



In combination with MASSENCE MUSIC GROUP we take you to the next level

We are about everything in between high-level strategy & creative thinking to pixel-perfect execution & performance, we do whatever it takes to add value to your brand and make it iconic. We think big, bring ideas to life, design experiences & tell stories that make audiences happy.

Our services are geared towards upcoming, established artists, dj’s, producers and record labels. All our services can be customized to match your needs.