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RECORDCOMPANYGUY has been in marketing and branding for a very long time, coming from a background of being a software executive, he made the jump into the music industry after he was being challenged by some people in the industry that the way things were going for artists couldn't be changed.

RECORDCOMPANYGUY being that person who loves challenges, decided to initiate a brand new record label with one clear objective, which was to democratize the business. How? By being transparent, offering balanced agreements, and understanding that how the good the music created might be, it all depends on the marketing behind it. Hence the idea was started, and slowly but surely the company started to attract international artists who could benefit (who doesn't) from massive marketing support when releasing music.

A fresh approach to a business which has been compromised by many bad influences, whether it is the dependency of streaming platforms, or very bad artists agreements, this market is due for change. And change starts  with the realization that you are not on your own, and when you have the ambition to make your music heard, something has to change.

RECORDCOMPANYGUY intends to make that change, at least for those we work with. 


is a modern label for forward thinking and entrepreneurial artists. We are the partner that help build your brand and relentlessly execute your vision